Preventing Runaway Debt

Utilizing Century Debt Solutions, Inc. can not only help recover debt but help prevent debt as well.
Century Debt Solutions, Inc. always tries to go the extra mile for our clients. Century Debt Solutions, Inc. has a few ways to help you prevent bad debt. One of the easiest ways to prevent debt from being uncollectible is creating a rapid response program such as sending your debt immediately to Century Debt Solutions, Inc. Approaching clients during the first 90 days from debt incurring is the most important. From the day the debt is incurred to day 90 is the typical time frame of debt collection. Over 70% of debt collected happens in those 90 days. Individuals who do not pay in the first 90 days usually incured a severe hardship or they are what we call career debtors. Career debtors have poor credit scores and are often the cause for runaway debt. Most companies do not have the resources to run credit scores and proper checks on all clients. It's too time consuming and too costly. Century Debt Solutions, Inc. have techniques in which can help you in fighting off these career debtors. One thing our team of specialists can do is help your business create the best contract with things like statutue of limitations, debt collection law and local regulations in mind. The key to fighting off debt is being armed with the best tools possible.