Expert Contingent Fee Collections

Century Debt Solutions, Inc. has mastered the art of collections. We stand behind our work 100% and because of that we offer contingent fee collections. At industry leading contigent rates our team offers our clients hassle-free and worry free options for thier Accounts Receivable.
Global Efforts
Many collection agencies fall short in recovering off-shore debt or debt with a runaway individual who goes over seas. Using an advanced team of collectors who are experienced Century Debt Solutions, Inc. can help you in collecting international debt.
Advanced Skip Tracing
Utilizing modern skip tracing tools and techniques our expert collectors are capable of finding your debtors no matter where they are. Using a combination of traditional searching, deep searching, social media searching and modern tools Century Debt Solutions, Inc. is capable of finding anyone.
Mend Negotiating
Account Receivables creates difficult and hostile situations. Our expert collectors use mend negotiating tactics. Century Debt Solutions, Inc. uses advanced mending techniques to not only recover your debt but build past relationships to create more recurring business.
Attorney Liaison Web
Century Debt Solutions, Inc. works with attorneys across the world who specialize in debt collection. Century Debt Solutions, Inc. offers advanced collection methods such as litigation with our specialized web of attorneys. Contact us for more information!